how to

there's a few ways to bring your vision to life with our texture creme! gather your inspo or go with the flow, following these steps:

step one

we always like to give the base of the canvas a thin coat of texture creme. squeeze out a 2 tablespoon portion of the texture creme per person and coat the canvas with a thin layer using the palette knife tool.

step two

opting for some colour? for florals, blobs, or any other shapes you wish, mix at least 1 tablespoon of texture creme with the colour of your choice on the wooden palette board.
keep in mind that the colour will end up lighter as the texture is already a white colour.

if you're wanting to apply the coloured texture as a floral shape, have the creme on the bottom of the palette knife and apply in a small stroke (check out our insta reels for some inspo!)

step three

arches! rainbows! curves! if it's these you're after, you want to use the white texture comb. apply a thicker layer of texture creme to the canvas, then shape and curve as you please!
for coloured arches - you want to let the creme dry before you paint so that the colour stays true.

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